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Some people may think being an international singer and songwriter is a walk in the park, but Violet Adair has found out just how unfair being in the spotlight can be. After her mom jets off, leaving only a short note behind, she is left to manage her career and her sisters alone. 

It doesn't take long for her to decide that she wants nothing to do with anyone or anything anymore. Her decision to stop singing and hide away in her mansion halts all performances that she and her sister's top-charting band, the Scarlet Violets, had.


While she's closing the doors of her celebrity life, her sisters are busy coming up with a plan to bring her back to reality. With a little help from their pilot and their publicist, the sisters drag Violet back to their hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama - though she doesn't go quietly. 


Haunted by a dark personal secret, Violet finds herself despising every moment her feet are on Alabama soil. At least until she meets Tanner McGrey, the quirky, adorable, uprising college quarterback whose interest in her defies all sense, especially since he has a girlfriend. No matter how much she pushes him away, it only seems to pull him closer. 


Will Violet be able to heal old wounds and find her passion for performing again and can she forgive her past? Or will she find herself left alone among the relationships she's burned to the ground in the process?

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Athena Alexander, the girl who sees and speaks to ghosts then helps them cross over. It's a complicated, unorthodox, rewarding job most people don't get to experience. Having helped almost everyone in Utah with a ghost problem, witnessing and listening to a lot, she realizes she craves more.


When the ghost of a little girl catches Athena's eye on a cat-walk, she instantly knows something's different with this one. But doesn't investigate into it until her best friend and roommate, Viola Ramos, has a visional dream about the girl and Athena sees the ghost again, motioning her to follow her because she won't speak.


In all their successful sleuthing, the clues lead Athena and Viola to Shaw Cattle Ranch, a once famous saloon and little farm in the late 1800s. There they meet the famous Reality TV Show paranormal hunters, Moonlight Investigations. Lead investigator and host, Eli Bogan, prompts the assistance of Athena as a specialist guest on the show after learning of her gift. Athena only agrees if Viola can join the hunt as well.


As the investigation rolls along, Athena finds out just how intertwined the crew is with each other and realizes she somehow got herself into a dramatic love triangle while uncovering the ugly truth about the evil acts of rage, jealousy, and betrayal that secretly occurred on the heavily haunted cattle ranch.


All Athena ever wanted was to travel, help ghosts all around the world cross over, and dabble in ridding the world of demons, even with no knowledge of how to do that with her gift. Maybe find someone along the way who'd believe and be willing to do that with her, aside from Viola. But this, this is more than what she bargained for.

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Jane Bexley is a 13-year-old with the passion for writing, adventure, and learning. A bad mixture when you live in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1633. 


Strange things always happen around her, never playing or socializing like the rest of the children. Growing up different in the eyes of the rest of her colony, Jane has always been the outcast of her society. When word rises about a witch living in the forbidden woods behind her colony, Jane finds her on a daily trip into the woods. When she learns she is of Wiccan descent, Jane must either fight for everything she believes in or go against everything she was raised to be.

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