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Conquer Writer's Block, #2

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

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With our trusty cat, Script!

For today's Writer's Block chopping, we're tackling passion and motivation. This is an important one, and one that I hear/read often (cue in The Weeknd's "Often" song). And let's be clear, this happens to ALL writers [What? Even us? Nooo. . .]. That's right, I'm calling us all out on our BS. It even happens to our idols (yes, even you J.K. Rowling and Stephen King). Even as confident as I am, this happens to me a lot as well. Especially lately, I stopped writing for two months for personal reasons (reasons that will be revealed via blog post Surviving Heartbreak: A Me, The Writer Post). Before that, two years of putting down one story to create a new one was my struggle juggle. Right now, all I feel motivated to write is blog posts, not even my own baller stories. So, yeah, believe me, I feel you [Totally all the feels.].

So, let's talk about it. It sucks to hit that brick wall. It sucks to not know exactly what we want to write, what we're going to write, how to write it, etc. It feels like one big mockery. I read a lot of writers expressing their defeat in realizing the undeniable possibility that they (and really we) may not become a successful writer, or rather, no one will read their words. I can understand this mentality. To daydream of book signings, fans, all that book merch, and movie deals, all to be popped away like a bubblegum-bubble by negative thoughts. Why keep writing in a tough industry where hundreds of writers never get noticed? Why keep writing when the odds are against you? Why, why, why, why, why [Geez. . . we get it.]?

That I understand. But really what effects me personally is time, energy, and emotion. If something happens that effects me emotionally, you can forget about me lifting a pen or finger to write. Not unless I can somehow find a way to incorporate that into what I'm writing at the moment (yes, I need to journal. I'm trying hahaha). I used to have quite a busy life, which also took a lot out of me mentally and physically, on top of other things I was dealing with (emotionally), which also took away from writing most days. Interestingly enough, editing has never faltered for me. Anyway, those things I struggle with for my writing.

What's also frustrating is putting a lot of time and energy into a book idea, only to realize it's not working. Something isn't fitting, something isn't clicking, something feels off. It's a pull-my-hair-out-and-stab-my-eyes-out-with-teaspoons kind of deal. It's another thing I haven't come across just yet, but I know there will come a book where that will happen. Passion drains quickly, especially when your book feels boring, even to you [Yikes!].

I want everyone to read this paragraph carefully. This is totally normal! Yeah, you heard me [Did I? Did I really?]. All these mixed feelings of hope, frustration, crying, mental-blocking, emotionality, time, energy, passion drained/gone, motivational slumps, all. Completely. One-hundred percent. Normal. We've all felt these things at one point or another, and if we haven't, we will eventually. Despite all these fears and insecurities, we all need to remember the important thing: why we are doing this? And if we haven't ever known why or haven't ever asked ourselves this question, then now's the time to.

If you asked me this question, then there's several responses I would give you. Eight-year-old-me would tell you I do this for fun. Eleven-year-old-me would tell you I do this because it's a nice distraction, it keeps me sane, it's less boring than anything else, etc. (I would write in class all the time and have my notebooks taken away hahaha!). Sixteen-year-old-me would tell you I do this because I've always done it and I don't know how to do anything else. The Me now would tell you I do this because I love it. I have a passion for words. I have a passion to move people with my words. I have a passion to export people from our reality to mine. I have a passion to educate and make people think. Words are the most powerful and important thing to me (I mean, actions are equal too depending on the situations at hand, but we all know what I'm saying here. Words are just as important as actions.).

So, yes, while I daydream of people getting excited to see me, one of their favorite authors, to talk to them and sign my book and rep my merch and watch the movies inspired by my words, all while I make a career out of it from the comforts of my She Shed office of operations, I will remember that while the money and recognition is great, I do this for me. I do this for the love of words.

Once you have that in focus, it shakes off the distractions of negativity (cue Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off") and keeps me battling the time, energy, and emotion [Wars of their own they are. . .].

Having the answer for that question should give you the strength, but if you need an extra boost, I have a total survival-guide list for such the occasion:

Tana's Secret Survival of the Writer's Internal Crisis Guide

✑ Vision Board (Put what you see your future like on a board and place it right where you can see it every day.)

✑ Motivational Quotes/Art

✑ Journaling (Seriously)

✑ Music, Movies, & TV Shows

✑ Meditation

✑ Map out a Schedule (Get yourself on a writing routine, but write it down.)

✑ Get Some Sunshine in Your Life (Go for a walk, hike, bike, picnic, etc.)

✑ Exercise (Yoga, Weights, Karate, Kickboxing, etc.)

✑ Confide in Someone (Talk to a fellow writer colleague, a friend, a family member, or your therapist!)

✑ Favorite Drink & Snack

✑ Believe in Yourself

✑ Be a Fan of Yourself

Any and all questions are welcome! Just pop a comment below or shoot me an email or chat on the site! Getting motivation or rebuilding the flame of passion for our work is always a constant struggle and will continue to be, but we must nip it in the butt as much as we can! Deadlines are key!

Thank you for reading! I hoped this helped a lot of you! And remember,




- Tana

the Blue Label

↓If you loved this and haven't checked this one out yet. . .↓

Not too shabby [Could be better though. . .]!

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