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Introduction to Me.

Updated: Mar 13

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Hey, guys! I thought I’d use this post to introduce myself, just so y’all get to see what kind of person you’re dealing with here on this awesome blog.

I’m Montana Mae Murphy, and yes I did just say my whole name because it does sound pretty awesome all together. [Thank you, Mama!] I’m currently 24, birthday is Febuary 27th [Better mark those calendars, people!], a complete Pisces, so I’m very into all of my emotions [No, you're crying! **wipes away tears**.]. No, no, this is a good thing! It’s what makes my writing mine. Unique and unforgettable!

I graduated from Full Sail University with my BFA in Creative Writing, Class 2018. The best college in my opinion. The teachers are amazing and the friendships you make are wholesome and real.

Now that those technicalities are out are out of the way, onto the fun facts!

Thank god, boredom was about to take hold.

I love to read and write! Reading always keep the creative juices flowing, but also gives me a break from my worlds and divulge into others that I love! Right now, I’m digging the Disney Villians’ twist stories, I only love the ones by author Serena Valentino, she’s brilliant! Also, the Three Dark Crowns series by Kendare Blake. ABSOLUTE masterpiece! [Oh, it fires the imagination!]

My hobbies are yoga and journaling. I highly recommend both, especially if you are both flexible and crafty. Pinterest is the best place to start with inspiration. And that goes for anything really. [Pinterest is life, bro.]

I’d say shopping is my weakness.

But I’d say I’m getting better, I want to start saving ASAP. This is important. [Only because this is Adulting 101 need I mind you.] Trust me.

My animal is cats, you will soon learn. I had a cat. Mittens was her name. Mitty for short. I had had her since she was 2-weeks-old, that cat was my life companion. She passed at 15 years old, a beautiful tabby with the typical stripes, swirls, and M markings on her face. [Tabbies are not a cat breed, did. You. Know!] Though, she acted of regal descend, so I just played along.

Top 5 Food Faves

1. Grilled Cheese [Always with a side of Tomato Bisque to dip.]

2. Potatoes [Any kind, prepared whatever way.]

3. Soup [Soup is life. Most soups I love.]

4. Veggies [Eat those greens, kiddos!]

5. Biscuits [The only breakfast food I'll eat. . . unless you have some turkey bacon and banana pancakes.]

Thanks for reading! Tell me more about yourselves down in the comments below! I like to do these posts bi-weekly, but sometimes it will be weekly. It all depends on my time and exhaustion management skills! [Which are things we don’t have. We ain’t fooling anyone.]

Stay tuned!

- Tana

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