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New York City's Top Attractions!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

SMURPHIES! I've missed you! [Ehem. We missed you.] Yes, yes, yes. There's been a lot of crazy changes going on in our lives, including drama, but we won't spill that tea since it's private. [Ugh, but what good is life if there's no tea?] Don't worry my Smurphs, that's what Tea Time with Tana on YouTube will be all about (Having tea and conversation on fun topics, not gossip on my personal life. . . completely.).

So, anyway, New York City is quite amazing, and huge. You can't see all of it one day, in one week even! Literally every time I go back, and I've been four or five times, I always see something new and there's always new adventures around every corner. Always something new to discover. You seriously can't be bored there. Scared, maybe. Homeless people everywhere, sure. But, it's an experience you don't forget time and time again.

But since this city is so huge, where do you go? What do you do? A lot people go for the tourist-y stuff, and that's okay! Lord knows I like some of the tourist spots too. [YAS!] But, we all know the "secret, local" spots are the best attractions. And alas, I have that Golden List! Yes, some of these you will have heard of and roll your eyes and go, "Tana, that's a tourist attraction." Yes, this I know. But, there's also a reason these places are tourist attractions. Because they are literally that awesome that you have to at least see/visit them once.

First and foremost I want to say that, at least for the book-lovers and thrift store enthusiasts, you must visit every thrift store and local bookstore you see. I can't express to you enough that they're everywhere. The shopping in New York is fantastic but very expensive. Let me repeat that. Very expensive. [We get it, we get it. Major dough.] And yes, even the books are outrageous in price! New York though has those classics and originals you're hunting for for your bookshelves, and they're even signed! No one has a bigger collection of that than Strand Bookstore (at least that I've seen thus far). On their third floor (or maybe just their fourth), is the biggest room full of signed originals, originals, and classics I've ever seen. Even in different languages! This is a must see. End of story.

Ahhh, Times Square. Yes, it is exactly all the hype. I have never felt so small. I mean, generally New York as a whole makes you feel small, but Times Square is loud, so bright that you can probably see it from space, crowded, but insanely cool. Do not miss this. It's an experience you need once in your life. I had never seen billboards so big, and wished it had others plastered all over them instead of the Kardashians in Calvin Klein, but what are you going to do.

A side note, never bike in New York unless you're an expert at obstacle courses riding them. It was unpleasant. I nailed a guy because he walked out in front of me, and he saw. Me. Coming. I hurt my knee, I probably hurt his rib or gut, and while I felt bad, a lesson was learned for the both of us. Him: actually watch where you're going, and me: never bike in the city because you will most certainly die. Maybe not this time, but next time for sure.

The city during the day is really great, but at night, it does truly come alive. Comedy clubs, bars, nightlife, and hanging out with friends are the things to do at night. I vote to shove as much yummy food in mouth possible, get tipsy, laugh my butt off with company at great comedians at the Comedy Cellar, puke, repeat, crash on a bench next to a hobo sleeping on the other one. Just kidding. [Only about the puking and on. The rest, totally do!]

The rest on my list, some I have been able to hit and others I haven't: Central Park, American Museum of Natural History, Broadway Show, Jimmy Fallon Show (this is easier than you think), Chelsea's Market (the bookstore in there is awesome), New York Society Library, The Museum of Interesting Things, Roosevelt Island Cat Sanctuary (yes, you read that right), Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library [Phew!], Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, The Mysterious Bookshop, and the gorgeous Albertine (bookstore)!

This, my Smurphies, will get you through. Although, I feel I should do another post for New York just on food and drinks alone. . .

That is all.

- Tana

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