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The Black Cat in the Room.

Updated: Mar 14

Are we sure we want to go there?

Let's talk about the white elephant in the room, or rather, the black cat [I know, funny and brilliant we are, right?]. I'm a writer, and some of you know about my novel expansion of my short story, The Wiccan [And if you don't know about it, you'll find it under the "Short Stories" button on the "Writing" tab on our home page. . . like, seriously.], and as I think about things I could change or add to my expansion, from the many ideas that I have, stereotypes and clichés come to mind.

Yes, your connection to the title is correct. BLACK CATS [Duh, duh, duh, dummm!]. Cats have always been connected to witchcraft, but more specifically, black cats. Those mysteriously beautiful creatures have swatted their tales into our lives through fear. Bad omens, cursed, bad luck, and even death are some of the superstitions attached to them. Black cats are the least wanted pet cats [Yeah, it's a fact.], think that's a coincidence? Exactly.

This is odd considering they're typically one of the most fun and personable cats [And with the oddest quirks. . .]. I wanted to talk about this because I found this interesting, considering all the facts, history, and such. And not just about black cats, but also, all our feline friends of different coat color and designs [We all stand together!]!

First, lets talk Cat History. It's interesting that for at least 12,000 years ago, cats were idolized and worshipped in a lot cultures. Adoration was not hidden for these animals and were domesticated (speculation on if they domesticated themselves or were domesticated is still a go) to us. Today, cats our second to dogs in pet ownership, yet cat videos are the most popular ones on Youtube [Apparently dog lovers are just cat lovers in the closet **wink, wink**]! It's no secret that the majority of the population are dog lovers, and I get it. . . sometimes. But where did it go all wrong for the cats that once dominated all the hearts of the world?

You might not have guessed it, or maybe you did [I can't read minds, you know.]. Witchcraft [Gasp! No! Never!]! Cats were demonized in the Middle Ages and were slaughtered like a religious-right because of their supposed connection to witches and the devil. They thought this would ward off evil, but instead, karma sent them an infestation of rats carrying the Bubonic Plague.

However, cats have made it to the other side of the litter box [The fresher side too, phew! **fans the stinky air**]! There have been many movies, comics, and TV shows with cats as an important roles in their stories. Which brings me to my "bad omen" black cats. Any black cat in the Film industry (that I've seen anyway) have been the good guys in the most recent years [Thank god somebody figured it out.]! Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Binx from Hocus Pocus [Ugh, love!], Luna from Sailor Moon [UH-MAZING.], Snowball II from The Simpsons, and while we're here, let's give Disney some appreciation for Aristocats [**Excited clapping** AMEN!]! We have in our heads that black cats are evil, yet for entertainment, they're the good guys! Funny, right?

I find it so interesting, all of the things. Cats started off adored, then were demonized and slaughtered, liked again to the point of their insane fame in Entertainment, yet they can't shake their past image of evil that affects what everyone thinks of them, and leaves them at #2 [Still better than last place, though.].

What influenced these spiraling thoughts? The Wiccan is obviously a witch story, but a witch story without a cat. You heard me [Our fans and I wish we hadn't. Boo.]. A witch story without a loyal, sarcastically sassy black feline? You may be asking, am I mad [We're not asking, we know. Yes. Yes you are mad.]? Maybe. Jane's trusty sidekick is a large wolf (not large like in Twilight, but down a size or two) named Aunum, which makes sense and all if you've read the short story [They have. . . right?]. But I do miss the stereotype/cliché of it all [Ahhh, nostalgia. . .]. Maybe Morgana will have a magical black cat pet that we see from time to time [**Wink, wink**].

Some cat treats for thought [Nice one!].




- Tana

the Blue Label

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