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Things To Do in Portland, Maine!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hey, hey my Smurphies! Welcome to my first post for my Travel Log! Working with O'Neill Transport: Moving & Storage, I get to travel all around the country moving furniture and site-seeing if there's time. Such a nice family-owned company, and they treat me well as an employee [Such an amazing job!]!

Recently, I just visited Portland, Maine. A nice, small town that's chic, hip, and quaint all at the same time! Eddie (my boyfriend) and I had a free day to check-up on the downtown scene. Above, we ate at this amazing place that served the famous, incredible lobster that Maine-landers brag about [They have the bragging-rights!]!

Yeah, it was glorious. And it sat right on the bay, so you could overlook the beautiful blue waters, watch the seagulls, gaze upon the boats floating out and into the bay. The views in Portland couldn't've been better, as well as the weather, which was fifty-five degrees out with full-on sun exposure and no breeze [Needless to say, we got really hot in that sweater.]! We visited a couple of shops, and I, of course, stopped at every local bookstore.

I bought enamel pins, patches, and a sports jersey with "Maine" across the back shoulders (because as some of you may know, I collect those things whenever I visit a new place!). Eddie found himself a favorite shop that's tucked away up a flight of stairs and in a small place, like a studio apartment. Later though, we caught a movie called Stalin in the Nickelodeon movie theater, such an incredible and different movie theater indeed. It's a small room with only four seats on each side to six or eight rows. The surround-sound speakers and big screen still gave it that movie-theater vibe but with a touch more of snug.

I hit a thrift store called Find and found the most adorable tan, knit, high-waisted pants! A high recommend for you thrifters looking for out-of-state thrift finds! I also bought my journal I use for "journaling" here in Portland, Maine, and absolutely love it! Was one of the best purchases I've made thus far, and adore it to no end [Not to mention it was only 30 or $35 for a leather bound, lock and key journal. A steal!]!

If you're looking for a next destination spot, I recommend Portland, Maine. A lot of their Bed and Breakfasts we saw were so quaint and adorable, we'd like to stay there the next time we come back!

Stay knowledge-hungry, Smurphies! Travel a lot!

Keep. On. Writing.

- Tana

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