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Why Vermont is a Must-See!

Updated: Mar 14

Vermont is for Nature-Lovers for sure [and we loved it for sure.]. This was a fun little trip on a moving project (as most of our trips were indeed because we were moving people to or from there). We stayed in a 4-5 star skii lodge with zero people there, which was wicked cool. It was a quiet and super nice place with sweet people running the joint. It was the North Star Lodge [That's right, that's right!].

Anyway, there's not a ton of things to do in terms of entertainment, since each little town is 60 miles from each other. But yoga is a big thing up there [Thank god!] and I'm hoping they had goat yoga up there, because it would bring me joy to think they do that up there since they're one with nature and it's all mountains up there anyway. Also all winter sports are big up there as well. As much as Colorado I'm sure. We visited out of season, so it was completely dead, which made it all the more special.

While there's not much entertainment, there's ton of self-entertainment. The nature out there is divine! Tons of exploring to do by foot or by vehicle. I had fallen in the mud trying to avoid slipping and falling in watery mud. It very much was an epic fail as you can see in the above featured picture [It was totally fun and funny though. . .], but we really enjoyed ourselves. Since it was quite near the Canadian border, they had cute shops with Canadian items and Vermont chocolate. It was to die for honestly [We miss that chocolate. . .].

We only got one day out there to explore, as most of the time we only get one day to do anything with our hectic moving schedule, but the nightlife definitely has something to offer! We spent time in the saunas available in both the women's and men's bathrooms, which we followed the rules and went to our respective gender bathrooms and spent that time alone (which I found so boring). I almost fell asleep in there, which you can not do by the way. I guess it happens often enough for there to be a rule about it. We swam in the heated pool and explored the inn ourselves. It seemed like a social hotspot with their own bar. They also had two restaurants and a tourist-y area on both sides. Eddie had spotted a bear and we took a run for it, realizing afterwards it wasn't maybe the best idea to do [We had never been so scared in our lives!]. But it was a great laugh and adrenaline rush regardless!

I'm sure there's more to do in Killington, Vermont, but we only had one day of exploration [We got to collect rocks, that was great!], so I can't vouch there is or isn't more to do. But if you're easily entertained, especially in the self-sense, then this trip won't be hard to find a ton of great things to do!

- Tana

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